Agricultural projects efficiently managed.
- Do you need to be more productive and efficient in the management of your crops?.
- Are you able to have a clear view of the activities to perform?. Where is more productive?, Which costs are associated?.
- Do you think precision agriculture technics are expensive and hard to have access to?.

Agromapp is the support tool to manage all kind of agricultural projects, it give help all decision makers can set their objectives and activities to solve problem they usually encounter using the benefits of geospatial technology on the web payed as you need.


Agromapp allows to:
- Organize your agricultural projects.

- Concentrate maps and images obtained from satellite, airplane and drone, to help you take quicker and best solutions about what, how and where are you going to perform your activities and keep track of them. 
- Integrate doumentary files, field images and costs records of actions performed and from incidents produced..
- Give access via Internet to field personnel and owners, so they can be able to get information about advances and results of every project, getting a comparison tool to get yields costs and benefits.